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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your query, send an e-mail to our Client service.

  • Q: What can I buy or sell using Compra-Seguro?
    A: You can use the Compra-Seguro for private property (that is durable, tangible, physical goods). You cannot use the Compra-Seguro for: arms; intangible services or goods for which the consignment of cannot be verified independently by Compra-Seguro For more information send an e-mail to our Client service .
  • Q: What is the Inspection Period?
    A: The Inspection Period is the amount of time given to the Buyer (or Seller, if the goods are returned) to examine and value the goods received. The Inspection Period begins at 12:01 on the working day (Monday - Friday) after the goods have been received and continues for the number of working days agreed on by the Buyer and Seller. The Day the goods are received is established according to the consignment date indicated by the courier or the services company.
  • Q: Are international purchases and sales allowed?
    A: Yes, we accept international transactions. Payment to Compra-Seguro, either money orders or bank wire transfer, must be made in Euro, USD or GBP, or any other international currency, you can calculate the cost of your transaction in your currency by using the Currency Converter. Payment to the Seller will be made by Compra-Seguro with a cheque or bank transfer in the currency chosen and agreed on as in the details of the transaction. The expenses of sending and receiving the money will be charged to the consignee ( the final receiver of the money). The Buyer and Seller are responsible for all the import/export duties, customs, toll and taxes applied to international transactions.
  • Q: How can a Buyer turn down / return the goods to the Seller?
    A: If the Buyer is not satisfied with the goods, he/she has to: 1) return the goods to the Seller in their original condition; 2) return the goods in maximum 30 days.
  • Q: What happens if the Buyer denies having ever received the goods?
    A: The Seller is responsible for the goods until they are received by the Buyer. If the goods are lost or stolen during the postage and packing, the Seller has to request compensation from the services or courier company. A signature from the services or courier company is the only undeniable proof of the consignment and receipt of the goods to the Buyer, that Compra-Seguro will accept. For further details consult our Customer services.
  • Q: Where and how can I cancel a transaction?
    A: If you would like to cancel a transaction you can send also a mail to our Customer service.
When you buy something online on internet, you pay us and after YOU AGREE we pay the seller.


Guide to using our services

It is very easy to use the Compra-Seguro, just follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Terms and data requests
    To use Compra-Seguro you need to register. No problem. Registration is easy and free! After both the Buyer and Seller have agreed on the terms of the transaction, we will ask the Buyer to pay Compra-Seguro
  • Step 2: The Buyer pays Compra-Seguro
    The Buyer can pay Compra-Seguro with money orders or bank transfer. The money is transferred into a no interest account. NOTE: We will not pay the Seller without the Buyer authorization.
  • Step 3: The Seller sends the goods
    Once Compra-Seguro has received the payment, the buyer can receive the goods..
  • Step 4: The Buyer approves the purchase
    After the goods are received, the Buyer has the Inspection Period to value the purchase*. Within the inspection period he needs to inform us about his decision, so we can either pay the seller or make the refund..
  • Step 5: The Seller is paid
    Compra-Seguro pays the Seller. We would like to remind the Seller that the expenses of sending and receiving the money will be charged to the consignee (final receiver of the money), and the delivery taxes will be paid by the SELLER before we start the shipping of the merchandise. If the buyer is not satisfied with the purchase, we will make FULL refund of the money paid, and the Seller will be responsible to pay our service.

Terms and data requests

Buyer pays Compra-Seguro

The Seller sends the goods

The Buyer approves the purchase

The Seller is paid

* Note: If the Client is not satisfied with the goods, he/she can inform Compra-Seguro that the goods will be returned to the Seller. When the goods are returned, the Seller has, after receiving the goods, the Inspection Period to verify that the goods have been returned in their original condition. The inspection period is agreed by both parties. After the Seller has confirmed the receipt and that the condition of the goods are to his/her satisfaction, Compra-Seguro will  pay the Seller. The Buyer has to inform Compra-Seguro of his/her decision within the Inspection Period. Compra-Seguro will make the payment to the Seller if the Buyer has not given any notification within 7 business days after the delivery was made.